Getting Our House In Order: The Series

I must admit, I am addicted to all things organization, but don’t have a CLUE as to how to get my house completely organized and looking like a HOUSE. UGH! However, we are starting small with the toddler/nursery and I just wanted to show some of the storage solutions that we felt comfortable with.

Papa Nicholes and I are planning on upgrading to our own house in the near future and we didn’t want to get LOTS of bulky furniture that we would have to break down and move, so most of the items that we are getting will hopefully travel well or we will end up donating or giving away. Well, here goes the solution that we chose – One side is for the ladybug and the other side is for Lil Miss Twizzler and Sir Twizzler. The middle is for sleepwear and blankets. The baskets up top are for undies, socks, undershirts and bibs. Lots to store in this room!

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