Getting Our House In Order with Ikea

Ever since the twizzlers were made known, I have been itching to get my house into a more organized system. I would LOVE to have a catalog worthy house, but let’s just tell the truth here, I would much rather hang with my family more than making sure that everything is ALWAYS in its place. Sue me. However, since piddling around on the Ikea website, I became a little bit more confident that we would be able to get the storage space that we need, without breaking the bank, and also making our house a little bit more home-y feeling. So, for a couple of months I will chronicle our way through making each space our own and getting more bang for our buck.

Today, Mr. Nicholes and I ventured to Ikea-land and let me tell you I was in heaven! Mr. Nicholes, however, looked like he was in the third level of hell. Seriously. For him, window shopping for necessities is torture. I must admit, I think a lot before a purchase. I want to make sure that I am going to use what I buy and that I won’t have buyers remorse when I get the purchase home. I do NOT think this way when I’m just going regular old shopping and have no specific purchase in mind. So….we decided on a wardrobe for our bedroom – and we will build around that. Let me share what we have so far:

We have this bed, except in an oak color and with circular additions on top of all the posts:

We also have this dresser:

and that’s it. We’ve had it for about five years now and we are growing out of our space. Mostly because now that we’re married, Mr. Nicholes clothes are now part of the equation.

We looked at the PAX system today ( I would post the exact combo that we did, but it won’t let me) and figured that we could only spend about $600 and we NEED to be able to fit the rest of our clothes, accessories, etc. So we found a little combo that would meet all the criteria and then some! How exciting is that?!

Then , we moseyed on over to the children’s section and figured out some things. The thing is, the ladybug, and the twizzlers all share a room. There is a loose jungle them, but I still want to incorporate the ladybugs well, bugs in the room all while keeping it looking youthful and organized. So we settled on this and figured it will last the twizzlers at LEAST several years:

Instead of drawers with faces like this, we would instead put wire baskets, so the items inside could be easily visible and we don’t have to worry about not knowing who has which drawer. I figure I want to save as much of my sanity as possible, and this is one way to do it.
And since the ladybug is getting a bit older and wanting to venture more into writing and doing “homework” with the Cellist, I’m going to see if I can finagle this beauty in there somewhere:

It’s a storage bench that can also double as a desk when you pull the drawer out. It’s on casters so we can have a stool or chair next to it for her to use her desk. I don’t know, we shall see.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by the aspect of it all,and we STILL haven’t figured out what to get the cellist since he is considered a “pre-teen” now, and I really don’t feel like going back and forth about how babyish things are. Who knows, he may like something today and then change his mind tomorrow. We shall see.
What are your best tips for maximizing your space in your house without adding TOO MUCH more stuff. Lay it on me!

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    March 18, 2011 at 12:48 am

    We're still trying to figure out how to maximize our stuff. There is stuff everywhere. I do plan on trying to go up the walls and maybe that will help. OH and we have the sad bed frame and dresser in that dark color. LOL

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