Brain Dump

Since arriving home on Monday, a myriad of thoughts have gone through my mind and I feel it only appropriate to share them with you all. Thank me later.

  • walking after having a c-section, painful as it may be, is CRUCIAL! Crucial I tell ya! If you don’t, all types of gas back up into your lower intestine and then you blow up. True story.
  • Coughing, sneezing and laughing will make you think that your body is ripping apart. But don’t worry, it’s not.
  • I’m convinced that in order to be a resident in a teaching hospital, taking care of maternity patients, you HAVE to have no sense of a bedside manner. 3:00 in the morning visits are also part of that requirement.
  • Iron kills slowly but painfully. Just imagine the not walking paired with trying to push solid cement out of your bum. Once again, thank me later.
  • Having milk come in this time around left me looking like The Angry Princess from the movie Thirteen Ghosts. I mean, this had me thinking that any person who goes into a breast augmentation center for boobs bigger than an E cup is a sadist.
  • Morphine during a surgery will leave you feeling like a crackhead when it wears off. I mean the full shaking and itching that you see of so many of the worlds finest crackheads. And you can’t stop it.
  • A train is being run on my boobs by my children. I guess that breastmilk is a hot commodity.
  • The twins already scheme together. Each night they both start off asleep and then they each take turns waking up to nurse. This goes on for about four hours and then they both fall asleep again for an hour and start it all over again. 😐
  • I already miss my pregnant belly – still could do without the discomfort, but there was something magical about the belly.
  • I DO NOT miss weekly doctors appointments. I LOVE my doctor – but I am so happy to not have to go weekly and sometimes be held hostage for hours at a time.
  • My pregnancy waddle is gone. Now it’s been replaced by a surgical two step.
  • Sleep is worth gold right now. Seriously.
  • My ladybug thinks that the twizzlers are baby alive dolls.
  • My cellist thinks that they are infringing on his territory.
  • All of my friends have baby girls. Baby boy hand me down clothing is a hot commodity too. Thanks to my church sistagirlfriend, we have enough to last Sir Twizzler for a couple of months!
  • My husband rocks when he’s not sleeping. After he falls asleep all bets are off.
  • Emotions run high when you give birth. There should be a gradual let down of the hormones – not a quick drop.
  • My mother is the BEST EVER! I’ve had home cooked meals daily and she’s been over every day since the babies have been home. She’s listened to my fears of not being a good enough mother to FOUR (FOUR!!!!) kids and how I was going to manage it all.
  • I’ve learned that when it comes to my children there is no limit to what I will do – even if it causes me discomfort (hello c-section) as long as they are okay, then I’ll live.
  • God is good.

~Make it a FANTASTIC day!


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    December 27, 2010 at 8:17 am

    Why are dad's such hard sleepers?OMG!! Knock on wood! There is no limit! We were just talking about that.

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    December 28, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    1. I had the cement experience…and I had a wedding rehearsal to attend. I was late. LOL

    2. What is up with the residents?! When I would come at them with something because their brains stay in the "off" position, I get this weird look. Note to residents: Patients are not dumb. You are not smarter than us because you are in med school. Stop it. Vent over.

    3. I don't get breast augmentation at all.

    4. You are a great momma!

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    N. Nicholes
    December 29, 2010 at 6:08 am

    @ Rachelle – Mr. Nicholes can sleep through ANYTHING! In college he slept through a fire alarm. And his roommate was the fire marshall for the floor and couldn't wake him up.

    @ D – Thank you for commiserating with me on the cement feeling. I think that it would be an appropriate form of torture to get secrets from spys. Just load them up with iron pills and no fiber. That'll teach em!

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