Blogging While Bedridden….

It was bound to happen.

Everyone was telling me to sit down – although I felt that I was doing WAY less than what I normally do – but still,all I kept hearing was, SIT DOWN.

Now, I’m being FORCED to sit down. Why you may ask? I was admitted to the hospital on Friday night under the terms of preterm labor. 😐

If you don’t understand that face, it’s saying that I’m NOT happy. And let me tell you why? I have a full time job – even though I’m a stay at home mom. My full time job is providing whatever services are needed to the Cellist and the Ladybug.

Ah, who am I kidding? I’m going to be put on modified bed rest if they have to keep me, or if they send me home, and that scares me. As a person who is usually always on the go – and I mean that literally. While I LOVE my sleep, I’m usually always involved in something at the Cellists’ school, or doing something in regards to his cello playing, or his tap dancing.

I’m the Fundraising Chairperson for the school – and who’s going to get it done if I don’t physically go into the building?! I am a part of the Parent Advisory Council – and I take that role very seriously. I mean, what other parents care the way that I do about MY child?


And then I have my husband – when will he get a break after work? I mean, seriously. I know that there are some mothers out there who would love this, but it is really making my head hurt to think about how I’m going to literally obey doctors orders.

I know that I HAVE to do it for my babies – both the two that are already here, and the two that I am baking. I know that I must do it for myself, I just need a whole lot of prayer and support.

So, here I lie, in a hospital bed – blogging while bedridden – and yes I sure did ask for my laptop and the wireless information so I could have SOMETHING to do while sitting in bed attached to fetal heart monitors, a pain receptor, an IV and leg stimulators. I’ll take a picture just for the purpose of sexiness. 🙂 I’ve been stuck a total of fifteen times – three alone to find a suitable vein for my IV. I’ve taken two steroid shots to mature the lungs of my twizzlers, and one of those had to be administered in the buttocks. 😐 And I’ve had to endure with bad television viewing. Now, what good has come out of this trip? Honestly, because I’m tethered I HAVE to rest, which is kind of nice for the first couple of hours, then my legs start twitching. I’ve gotten to see the twizzlers more times each day because of their new found character trait of stubborness – and not staying on the heart monitor for twenty minutes straight. Baby B has turned breech because it has tired of getting kicked in the head by Baby A. And now Baby A is getting a taste of their own medicine by now getting kicked in the head by Baby B. I must admit that I laughed long and hard at that vision. According to the doctors, the babies look beautiful and they are confident that if I do in fact move on to full transitional labor within the next week or so, that even though the babies will be in NICU – they will have a much better chance with growing and thriving than most.

I’m feeling sure – and that’s because of my STRONG belief in God and the intelligence that He has blessed the doctors and midwives with.

Please stay tuned also for my next blog post on what it means to have a bedside manner when you are a nurse or doctor. It’s important.

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  • Reply
    October 17, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    Girl, PLEASE take care of yourself. Even though I hate hearing that you're in the hospital I am glad that this means that you have to slow down. Things will get done. Even if it isn't exactly how you wanted. *Hugs*

  • Reply
    N. Nicholes
    October 17, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    I'm taking care of myself – it's actually the twizzlers this time. Wait – is it okay to blame people who can't defend themselves?

    I'll give an update in my next post.

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