Blog Stalking Sundays…..

I figured today would be as good a day as any to let you know which blogs I love and why? Complete with links. This is an idea I got from a blogger on The Redheaded Riter – which does it’s blog stalking on Saturdays.

I find that a LOT of my friends are now in the blogosphere or have been for several months, or even a couple of years. Some have been blogging since before it became what seems to be a cult sensation.

Truly, I learn a lot, and while I may not be able to comment on EVERYTHING – because on my BB, I can’t see the word verifications *pout* I do follow religiously and get much glee at seeing what’s going on where, or what new things I can try with my children, my hair, my clothes, my makeup, my house, and even my husband. 🙂

Here we go:

1. Cosmopolitan Kids – This is one of my friends and a co-blogger who live in New York who blog about all of the cosmo things that they are doing with their children. It’s a walk in culture that you will LOVE to take, and it will encourage you to do the same with your children. I’m always looking for something to get the Cellist and the Ladybug into, and it lets me know that I’m not alone in this journey.

2. Glamazini – A Natural Hair Care Website  – This is the site of natural hair upkeep with some fashion and product review mixed in. I have been following Roshini for YEARS now, and amazingly we met up on a website and even further down the line she danced at my wedding. It’s amazing how you can connect through the internet! If you happen to click on the link and visit her, tell her the Nicholes sent you!

3. Multiples and More – I love this site, because it allows me to see into the lives of other families with multiples. It has assured me that sometimes all of my thoughts are legitimate, and even worthwhile. I’ve also laughed at posts, and shook my head at others because I knew that I was in for the same thing after the twizzlers get here. The mothers and fathers that post there also let me know that my life is definitely going to busy and there is nothing wrong with taking time to enlist the help of others and to enjoy ALL of my children even if the dishes have to wait another day.

So far, that’s three NEW blogs that I have given my readers a chance to go and check out. Next Sunday, I will do three more and hopefully we can help build up each others readership.

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  • Reply
    Rachelle Yakubu Photography
    October 25, 2010 at 1:38 am

    I'm all for 2 blogs!! I can't dare visit the mulitiples and more. It may jinx me.

  • Reply
    N. Nicholes
    October 25, 2010 at 2:11 am

    Rachelle – LOL! It won't jinx you – you know you want to click it.

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