Auditions, Blog Stalking Sundays, Halloween, and Other Things

Whew! It’s been an entire week since I’ve spoken directly to you all. There’s a lot that happened in the last week and I’ve been a busy woman.

First off, the Cellists’ school had a Box Tops for Education Blitz and I was busy seeing that through. In one week, his school collected over 1500 boxtops and raised a little over $150 in their efforts. Let me tell you, it was an effort to count all of those boxtops! However, we did it! I’m proud of the students rallying together to raise money for their school in a way that wasn’t intrusive to their parents. We’re looking forward to the Turkey Trot that will start tomorrow for the entire month of November. Hopefully these funds can go to things that the school needs and some extracurricular activities for the students.

Next in our rotation of the whirlwind week, the Cellist went out for auditions of young Simba in The Lion King on Broadway. We had to get up extra early to make it to the 9 am casting call and stand in line in the COLD with the ladybug for about an hour before we were let into the building. The good thing is, we were 26th in line AND we were out pretty quickly. I’m sure most of you have assessed that if we were out pretty quickly that the cellist wasn’t a finalist for the role. Well, you would be correct, BUT he was fine with it and was won over by a trip to IHOP to drown his sorrows in a burger. Overall, I am very proud of him for putting his fear of singing in front of people to the side and going out for something new. He tap dances VERY well, and he has no problem with the dancing and stage presence. He just stated that the singing part made his stomach feel tingly. LOL! He also said there’s always next year. What a trooper. 
Blog Stalking Sundays also brings about a couple of blogs that I want to highlight. Overall, I’m a pretty “unorthodox” person in general. I find several things interesting even if it’s the norm not to. Some of these sites are for adults only – because, let’s face it, sometimes we need adult humor to get us through the day. Others are *gasp* parenting blogs that I have been perusing since I feel that refreshers are never horrible when you are riding the pregnancy train once again. So, here we go:
1. Young House Love – 
I absolutely love this blog because it features a couple who is renovating their home. ALL. BY. THEMSELVES. I so want to be able to do this, and I imagine in my head that I am a budding Martha Stewart type that will have a house that other people drool over in the near future. 
2.Kitty Farts – 
Yes, I know that the blog name is a bit unconventional, but that’s what  makes it great. Lia does such a great job with just being herself and letting us know what things are important to HER. I love her frankness and her transparency, and I am sure you will too. 
3. The Soul Mom –
 Dyani basically outlines things that are important to African American mothers, and mothers in general. Plus it kind of helps that I was one of several featured breastfeeding moms on a series that she did about breastfeeding. I often look to her blog for inspiration with certain things regarding motherhood, or to see what other mothers have running through their minds. 
If you stop by any of these wonderful blogs, let them know that we sent ya! 
Next on this list of the never ending weekend is Halloween. Unfortunately, I was a bit too ambitious this year, thinking that I could really do it all while pregnant with twins. Which meant literally waiting until the last minute to figure out a costume for the Cellist and the Ladybug. Which ultimately led to no costumes this year. Did that stop them from going trick or treating – are you KIDDING me?! My brother and his fiancee came to pick them up and they surprisingly weren’t surprised at all at the lack of costumes. I feel a bit of remorse and relief at the same time. I’m tired. 
Overall, this week has gone amazingly well, even though several times I just wanted to crawl underneath a blanket and SLEEP for the entire week. I now get to start out THIS week with my weekly prenatal appointment, complete with my second glucose test to make sure that I don’t have gestational diabetes. FUN. FUN. FUN! I also get to oversee the painting of the twizzlers and the Ladybugs new room. Big brother has decided to relinquish his huge room and move to a smaller one, all in the name of his younger siblings. It took some careful coaxing on our part, but we WON – er convinced him that he was actually gaining more than his siblings. I’m now on track to a more peaceful house. 
Stay tuned for updates on the new nursery project, and the countdown to the twizzlers! I have to make it to Thanksgiving and then I have the green light to BIRTH……oh boy. 
~Make it a good day

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  • Reply
    Cosmopolitan Kids Media
    November 1, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    This blog post exhausted me! LOL.
    You stay busy don't you. Thanks for the blog referrals. Will check some of those out.

  • Reply
    N. Nicholes
    November 1, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    We do stay busy around these parts. And from TRYING to rest, it seems impossible to do anything but. It was nice though to see the Cellist take on something out of his comfort zone though! Made me a proud mom.

  • Reply
    *Kitty Farts*
    November 5, 2010 at 4:02 am

    Aww, thank you for the blog love! I've been meaning to do a "blog stalking" type feature too…especially when I can't think of anything to write.

  • Reply
    N. Nicholes
    November 5, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    My pleasure! I want you all to get as much love as you show me.

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