21 Weeks

Today makes 21 weeks of officially carrying the twizzlers! I am so grateful because the remaining amount of weeks now starts with the number ‘1.’ That also frightens me to no end. I no longer am reaching to get to the halfway point, I am now over the ‘hump’ of the 20 weeks – where I know that everything with the babies is okay. I can feel the tiny little feet and hands moving on the inside – even when it may not feel all that comfortable, and I am happy. I am happy that I will be a mommy of a new person….er, persons. I am happy to be able to have the smell of brand new baby in my house, times two. I’m also going to have the sleep deprivation, and love it. I’ll probably greet my husband at the front door in a nightgown with various spots of bay puke and possibly even poop – and HE better love it!

I just can’t believe that we are venturing down the path of becoming parents for a third time and we are still appreciating it as if it’s the first.

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