Why “The Cellist?”

Lots of people have asked why I call my son the cellist. Well, I feel that I speak into his success as a cello player. It’s not often that you see children who play the cello. Especially children who look like my son. I’m always impressed by any child that can play a musical instrument because I can not. However, I am over the moon excited when any child, that lives in a society that often dictates what the can and can’t do, learns to play an instrument.

Here’s a snippet of the cellist and one of his cello teachers playing a duet. He’s about two years younger here.

I still don’t feel completely comfortable using their names online, so that’s what I came up with. He plays the cello. He also tap dances as well, but “the tap dancer” is just too long to write all the time.

~Make It A Fantastic Day!

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