Welcome! Ultimate Blog Party 2012!!

In an effort to get a jumpstart on actually blogging regularly (because let’s face it, this is actually more for me than for you guys honestly – I love coming back and seeing how far I’ve come, or things that we’ve done as a family) I’m starting to participate in more blog parties. Nothing hard or hoop jumping though. I’m not limber enough.

I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Party, hosted by 5 Minutes For Mom,  which only lasts for a week, but I  get to write about me and my family in depth for all of my great company and some new visitors.

Maybe even for some of you old heads, I’ll be sharing some new stuff.

I’m Natasha. I’m a native Chicagoan, married to my 8th grade sweetheart (yeah, sugary at its best) and the wrangler of four children affectionately known as the Cellist, Ladybug, Lil Miss Twizzler, and Sir Twizzler. I love to bake, scrapbook, read, volunteer – no matter how crazy it gets, and sew.

I’m short, but spunky, and I usually have an opinion on mostly anything. I’m just learning though that my opinion doesn’t always have to be shared, and not sharing it doesn’t make it lose any value.

I’m a ministers wife – Mr. Houseful would be that minister! And I’m slowly growing into embracing that role as well.

If you stick around, you’ll learn with me about homeschooling, cooking, and sewing. I’m not a professional in ANY of those areas, but I professionally master ANYTHING that I put my mind too. Yeah, I just tooted my own horn a bit.

Stick around, and we can become good friends – even if you don’t always agree with me!

~ Make It A Fantastic Day!


  1. Princess Stephy says:

    Hey there! Nice to meet you. I understand about the not necessarily saying everything you’re thinking. I had to grow up from that as well. Your family is cute, and the dress you sewed up top is super nice. Good job! I’ll be checking in on ya =]

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