Thanksgiving Thursdays

Welcome to this weeks edition of Thanksgiving Thursdays! Each week, I *try* to make a list of things that I am thankful for. Sometimes I’ll have repeats because, well, because I can. Other times there will be a complete set of things that may not make sense to you, but really mean the world to me. Take time out and be thankful with me, won’t you?

  • My husband 
  • My children 
  • The courage that the Cellist had in auditioning for the Lion King on Broadway
  • An OB that is NOW pregnant and has much more empathy than she may have before (she’s sweet as pie, but I think it has come full circle and is no longer “medical” for her)
  • Igniting excitement amongst the children at the Cellists school
  • Criminal Minds
  • CSI – the original series
  • A bestest friend who is now a mommy
  • Grocery shopping with my husband
  • Home weatherization
  • Electricity
  • Heat
  • Shirts long enough to fit over my belly
  • A Bella Band
  • Sleep – when it comes
  • The gentle kicks of the twizzlers – *most* of the time – because these children are already martial artists!
  • My mom
  • My dad
  • My mother and father in law
  • My friend Jessica 
  • A good book
  • Arthur – the cartoon
  • Coffee
  • Training pants for potty training toddlers
For the most part, these little things have brought me joy in some form or fashion over last week and I really couldn’t have gotten through without them. Funny huh? Why don’t you link back and tell me what you’re thankful for? 
~Make it a good day! 

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