One Sheet To The Wind

Can you guess what I made out of this beautiful fabric?

Did you cheat and read my title? It’s just as well, because as you can see, I can’t hold water.

I’m making a custom bedding set for a client and I was able to make a crib sheet from this fabric. In comparison to most crib sheets, it’s so nice and thick! Pair it with a mattress pad and your babie(s) will sleep so soundly!

I still have two changing pad covers, another sheet, crib skirt and curtain to do.

I think that I may have a contest soon to see who can think of a sub name for my store. I’m feeling that Houseful of Nicholes describes my LIFE, but not what I do, which is sew. I’ll see later.

Anyway, this is a picture of the finished product:

I love it, and so did the ladybug because she asked if this new sheet was for her! I told you guys that every time I sit at the sewing machine, she thinks it’s for her.

Hope you are having a fantastic time! I’m going to enjoy the temperature in Chicago today. A nice spring-y 60 degrees!

~Make It  A Fantastic Day

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