Make Two Challenge

Just in time for the holidays, and what it’s really about.

The Mr. and I came to an early decision that we would make most of our Christmas gifts this year. Like literally. Homemade gifts really relay the true meaning of Christmas (and if you don’t celebrate – they relay the true meaning of giving from the heart.) I mean, how much do you have to love a person and love what you are making them to present a homemade gift? I mean, have you ever SEEN the look in a child’s eyes when they give you something that they worked their hardest on?

Heart wrenching isn’t it?

Make Two Challenge

Well, that’s why I’ve decided to join up with the Make Two Challenge¬†on the best build it yourself blog that I’ve found in a while. Wait, I mean, that I have ever found, EVER. Ana White gives me a boost of confidence to make FURNITURE (which will be an entirely different post.) All she is asking is that you make at least TWO homemade gifts – one to give to someone that you know, and one to give to a child or a family in need. How great is that? And how awesome to not have to fret about how much something costs, and instead think about the smile that will be on the recipients face because you made something especially with them in mind?

I took the challenge and now I’m challenging you!

~Make It a Fantastic Day!


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