The year 2012 that is.

I remember when I was younger, I thought that any year starting with 20 would have us in flying cars, and space suits. Little did I know. While we have certainly made strides in technology and science and all of that, the flying car thing I’d rather not participate in.


If it has anything to do with sewing, crafting, cooking, homeschooling, reading, and traveling. I’m all for it. With that being said, I constructed my first clutch on the first day of this year, and I am pretty pleased. I have to make sure that I stitch a little neater, and catch ALL of the fabric the first time.

I got the pattern from Noodlehead¬†and I absolutely love it. I’m going to make the other variations this month as well, and hopefully I can add this to what I’m putting into my etsy shop. WHEW! Here are a couple of photos of it:

The stitching is slightly off, but I’m proud that I actually got the zipper right! I have to pick up a few more zippers in the right size, and then I think that I will actually have the correct amount of room in the clutch. I just LOVE the gathering on the front. It’s funky and I only used two fat quarters of fabric (not really even that much) and it was a quick project.

I’m also excited to say that we will be doing our first sew along this month, and the first item we will be sewing will be a circle skirt. Are you as excited as I am? So, look out for that, and we’ll start with picking out your fabric and cutting it. To the assembly, to finishing touches. We’ll even learn how to do pockets soon!

Well, I hope that the first day of the year was as fulfilling to you as it was to me. May the rest of this year be just as fantastic!

~Make It a Fantastic Day!


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