I Have Conquered Buttons!

So, this may not be as EPIC as one would care.  But to the Nicholes’ stuff just got real.

We’re able to sew buttonholes AND buttons with our machine. I’ll introduce you all to the machine one day. It has been SO good to all of us. He’s my Brother.

Anyway, this is just a quick post to show you what I’ve been working on for a little bit of time. The actual construction of this dress for the ladybug (which mind you she asked me to give to Lil’ Miss Twizzler – it hurt for a millisecond) took about three hours, from cutting the pattern out to following the directions to sew it together. There are a couple of things that I wouldn’t do next time. The first being putting contrasting bias tape on it. I’ll make my own out of the material on hand, and I’ll attach the ribbon that I was supposed to. It still feels empty to me.

Without further ado, here is the dress:

With no buttons to hold the collar together. At this point in time, pins are doing that job.

And then…


Do you SEE that wonderfulness? Those are buttons! With real buttonholes. That my machine stitched for me after I read the owner’s manual. Shout out to Mr. Nicholes for his help with testing the stitch width for those buttons. It’s a science I tell ya! 

Now, I think that I am going to pair this with a turtleneck and some leggings for the wintertime and we can even use so many colors to accent it! I call this a win!

~Make It A Fantastic Day!


    • Natasha says:

      It’s not too late Daenel! I just learned last year. Literally. I think that I started sewing when I started with the cloth diapers. I didn’t start on apparel until around the ladybug’s birthday party. Join us!

  1. Julie Hanson says:

    oh, wow this is beautiful. it makes me want to learn to sew. love the textile (as tim gunn would say!) i’m sure she is going to look even more adorable in this!

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