So, yeah, I’m still excited. Last week, the aprons that I have been making were featured on one of my favorite blogs ever – The Cubicle Chick – seriously.

I’ve been following Danyelle for a year or so now, and I kind of feel like a celebrity has noticed me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you may not get it until you become a blogger, but I still do get a bit bloggerstruck when I finally meet or get into contact with someone who I have been following for a while.

Ahem: Where was I?

That’s right, Danyelle featured the Houseful’s APRONS in her gift guide for hostesses for this year (and I’m sure you can just go ahead and make them a hostess gift whenever you go to someone’s house for dinner – they won’t be offended, because they are CUTE – yeah I said it.)

I’m so excited to know that something that just started out from a request from my Aunt, the Chef Star, really has been able to be as successful in it’s first round. I’m having a lot of fun making them, and picking out the fabrics and just having a reason to hang out in crafty places. When you love the work you do, it doesn’t feel much like work anymore.

I do plan on adding more styles AND attempting to get that Etsy page up and running, but for right now, I so appreciate the support from you all, and other bloggers who have connected with me. This is what the holiday spirit is all about – helping and spreading the word, and looking cute doing it!

Thanks again to Danyelle, from The Cubicle Chick for the feature!

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