Eleven Days Left

For Christmas Shopping. Yes, each of those words needed capitalization. If you’re like me this year, you’re thinking practical with a splash of the luxurious. The small houseful are getting handmade things, and other items that they can treasure throughout the coming yearS. Yes, I meant to capitalize that ‘s’ as well.

While I do enjoy the magical aura of the holidays, I do value the family time spent much more. With us doing holiday projects, and watching holiday classics like A Charlie Brown Christmas, and all the claymation movies makes me happy.

I love the feeling of unity.

I love the feeling of happiness – and realizing that it will continue well after the 25th of December.

With that being said – you have 11 more days until Christmas, and I’m wondering, where are you all with your shopping? Are you doing homemade gifts? Are you doing large gifts? What?

~Make It A Fantastic Day!


  1. CraftyEarthMama says:

    11 days, I didn’t realize we were so close! We do mostly homemade with some bought mixed in. I’m still working on a couple things. I love giving and receiving gifts! Babygirl is just 21months old, but I hope that we are showing her that Christmas is not about the stuff and more about family, crafts, sharing good food, making someone smile, love, etc
    I really do love the holidays!

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