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The Cellist

  • The Love of A Brother

    The Love of a Brother

    I love this picture so hard.  Nathaniel will be seventeen years old this year. He’s a junior in high school, and he’s in full blown teenage boy mode. Not chasing girls…

  • Ribbon-Pinning

    Passing the Torch and a Ribbon Pinning

    There’s a reason that I haven’t really been writing about the cellist this year. I’m pouting. He’s graduating from 8th grade in a few days, and I’m kind of having an…

  • Washington D.C and Introspection

      Now, that he is safely back home from Washington D.C, I figure I can write to tell you about the first experience that I had with the cellist leaving our…

  • 12 Years and Graduation Photos

    Ah, a rare photo of the cellist.  He’s normally sparse around these parts, and I can totally understand. He’s 13, he’s a FULL teenager, and he has a right to his…

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