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Black History

  • The Book of Heroes & The Book of Heroines

    Black Heroes and Heroines for Black History

    I’m not sure I’ve ever announced in the history of my being an insider that I was a National Geographic Kids Insider. It’s an AWESOME ambassadorship that I’ve been lucky to…

  • Percy Lavon Julian Black History Month - Activist Style

    Percy Lavon Julian – Chemical Activist

    Black History Month has always been important to me, but the last decade or so, the importance of it has become so LOUD in my home, that I look forward to…

  • America needs to do better. ~Houseful of Nicholes

    What a Week, and it’s Only Wednesday

    Two more black men have been shot in America. No weapons on them. Nothing. I’m mad.  I should be celebrating sitting on stage with one of the best crooners of my…

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