Black History Month – Literary Week: Ashley Bryan

*photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Ashley Bryan is a black illustrator born in New York in 1923. He is famous for his rhythmic retelling of African folktales, AND his fantastic illustrations to match. He has received the Corretta Scott King Book Illustrator Award, and he is most famously known in my house for this book:

What a Wonderful World (Jean Karl Books)

While he is not the author (because we know Louis Armstrong made this tune famous) his illustrations were a favorite of the cellist when he was in preschool. He loved looking at all of the vibrant colors while we read the book over and over again. He still remembers his teacher playing the music to go along with the book during their story time.

What’s even better is that he still does dramatic reading and performing of his tales. What can top that?!

From what I hear, he can often be found in his studio in Maine, and let’s visitors come through. If you’re out that way, you may want to check him out!

~Make It A Fantastic Day!

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